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Client Testimonials

What our clients think of our private and group psychedelic retreats

I did a retreat in Amsterdam in late 2019 and I simply could not speak more highly of the facilitators Rob and David. I am a family therapist that has done many a retreat in my life and this has been absolutely one of the best. The pace, the programme, the divine food, the setting - all were above par. It is now some six months later and not a week goes by when I do not think of my experience in that cottage in the forest. It still packs a punch. I am based in Australia so it's a tad far to go again, but if Inward Bound were any closer, or should they come to Australia, I would jump at the chance to work with these facilitators again. If you have a chance to go along, go for it. With big mob love and thanks to all at Inward Bound.


I gained a second chance at life, and it began with my wonderful journey within your Chapel in Holland. My heart regained the ability to love again. It was quite strong, and it has remained pretty strong ever since! My wife and kids can stand witness to this. Many experiences unfolded one after the other. Each individual experience gave a very strong meaning and lasting impact on my life.
To name a few:
I was reborn!! What a beautiful process to experience. A truely uplifting experience that placed gratitude firmly back in my life.


The part of my life journey that changed course with you all through 2019 continues to blossom and unfold. I am so much more spiritually tuned-in and compassionate than I was. And happier.
My outlook is vastly shifted. The pandemic, difficult and cruel in some aspects as it was, turned out to be a great growth medium for continuing that development.
I value massively the experiences Inwardbound gave me and have worked with those to take them into my daily life. It's hard to express how profound my thanks is to the healing spirit in each and every one of you. And of course to the spirit of the mushroom herself.


Very highly recommended. The organisers' commitment to care, comfort and safety is complete, and authentic. The venue and food were fantastic. The experience was highly therapeutic and in fact, transformational. This is a wonderful experience and one to be embraced if you get the chance.


Thank you dearly, from the bottom of my heart. The experience we had this past week was revelatory, to say the least. I’ve had the feeling of change pulsing constantly inside of me since I’ve left. I’ve just gotten back home to see my loving girlfriend Caroline, our dog Ellie May and cat Edgar - all with fresh eyes and in a refreshed and connected way.


Just a quick note to say hello, and give you some extra feedback, almost 18 months out from my retreat with you.
It's all super positive. I was in psychotherapy before the retreat and have continued since, but my depression largely melted away after the retreat. I still have very vivid memories of the experience.
In November 2019 I attended another retreat ... and was able to see clearly the intention which had taken seed when I was with you : to train in psychotherapy.
I'm now completing the introductory course and about to start on the main course in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Guild of Psychotherapists in Southwark, London.
I hope you are well, I'm sure we will cross paths again sometime.


I had taken magic mushrooms a few times previously, but this was a completely different Dalí-imagined kettle of fish. I quickly began journeying through my subconscious as if in a dream, led by some unseen force. I was shown challenging experiences from my childhood, which I could feel and mourn on a level previously not possible and I was given specific, rational actions to take in relation to them. I understood on a visceral, physical level why I have repeated negative patterns in certain relationships."

Tom Ford- Journalist

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