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Reciprocity- Ireland

As part of our commitment to reciprocity, Inwardbound have partnered with the Wild Atlantic Rainforest Reforestation Project in Connemara in the west of Ireland with Hometree


We have been supporting Hometree charity in their efforts to reforest Ireland for a number of years, already reforesting almost acre of forest. From 2023 onwards, Inwardbound are committing to reforest an acre of Irish native woodland per year, through Hometree’s Adopt an Acre campaign. This significant donation of 5,000 euro per year shows our intention to give back to the natural world and to support the reforestation of Ireland.

Hometree And Inwardbound

“Restoring large landscapes and complex ecosystems while remaining connected to the communities living, visiting, and working there is the challenge of our lifetimes. The Wild Atlantic Rainforest Project will address this challenge by protecting fragments of Ireland’s ancient oceanic woodlands and creating new woodlands where they once existed. We envision these wild spaces woven through a patchwork landscape of blanket bogs, species-rich grasslands, and vibrant human communities.

Irish biodiversity is threatened and in need of urgent attention. This is a unique opportunity to create healthy ecosystems, build climate resilience and repair our connection with nature. We have a short delivery timeframe, which reflects the urgency of this project. We hope its positive impact, enjoyed for generations to come, will be its legacy.”

Matt Smith, Hometree CEO

Reciprocity- Costa Rica

As part of our commitment to reciprocity, for every participant on our Costa Rican retreats, Inwardbound will make a donation to the Karen Mogensen Reserve Expansion Plan.

The Karen Mogensen Reserve (KMR) is an astonishingly beautiful wildlife refuge in the heart of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica, and is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna, with at least 250 species of birds, 190 species of trees and other plants, and 30 endangered or threatened animal species.

An additional 2000 hectares of forests and pasture lands surround the immediate borders of the existing reserve. The vision is to include these areas under the protection of the reserve in the near future.

KMR Wildlife Reserve Expansion Plan