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Helena Angelini


 Dsc9644 (1)

Helena Angelini is a therapist with more than 20 years of professional experience. She is a psychologist who graduated at Universidade Fumec in Minas Gerais/Brazil, specializing in the Jungian Psychological approach. She has keenly continued education with various courses in Complementary Therapies, Mythology and has travelled all over the world looking to obtain broader and vaster perspective of human behaviour. As a psychologist, Helena has always strived to understand in depth the particular universe of each culture and each human being.

This passion granted her the ability to treat people of different ages, cultures and interests. She has clinical experience in Brasil, Ireland and with clients all over the world treated on online sessions.

She has a wealth of experience dealing with depression and panic disorders, although she has worked with all varieties of psychological sceneries. She also has a special interest in athletes and wellness minded individuals, as she firmly believes in integration between mind and body. The work with blocked expressions and repressed emotions takes a big part in treatment as well, since there is no wellness, wealth and integrality without the freedom to express the various parts of us.

Helena is also a singer and composer, and she has recorded 2 albums, one with Celtic and Sacred music (Celtic Seeds), and other with Tribal Electonic Music (Hayeya! All Tribes). She uses her voice and instruments to heal, carrying the ancestral wisdom of Celtic and Indigenous people. She has a long path as a shamanic practitioner, with experience in Ireland and Brazil.

Helena realizes the importance of an integrated and balanced consciousness, especially in this challenging modern life, not only for psychologically disturbed people, but for anyone searching for a healthy life style. She takes pride in putting all of her knowledge, gifts and strength towards helping people and society achieve this goal.

Services provided: Jungian Psychotherapy, Kinesiology, Reiki, Living Singing – medicine music.

Events with Helena Angelini- Psychologist

(Fully Booked) InwardBound December 2022 Group Retreat- Netherlands (4 days)
December 12 – 15, 20224- Day Psychedelic Retreat Our December 2022 retreat takes place in a beautiful venue situated an hour  from Amsterdam. The authentic 19th-century Dutch abbey accommodation provides the perfect setting for your 4-day retreat.  A private room for every participant and the ample common areas provide a place for you to relax, journal and maximise your stay with us. The peaceful location of the retreat centre means there is plenty of opportunity for reflection and walks in nature. The chapel is available for private reflection and meditation. The retreat center is nestled in a forest park which surrounded by beautiful trails and…