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Jen Doran

Jen Doran facilitates on our Women’s Retreats in Ireland.

The Nature Wave is the umbrella name under which all of her loves fall into one – yoga, movement, connection, nurturing our earth and one another . ‘The nature wave’ encompasses our own inner nature and the outer nature around us and all of the waves we move through within life whether they be our own inner cycles, emotions, experiences, health, self awareness, breath, and the outer waves all around us in the form of the seasonal changes, the ebb and flow of the tides, the waves of colour, rain & wind that create the landscapes around us.

Jen’s internal compass and passions are always leading her to nature and finding different ways to connect in with the natural world we live in and to help others do so as well. She truly believes that in order for us to fully connect in with and explore the nature around us, that we must first connect in with our own inner nature. We are one and the same and if we disconnect from one, then we soon disconnect from the other.

How she came to see the vitalness of connection is from being in a place of disconnection for many years. In her late teens and early 20’s she lived life completely disconnected from her body, her  emotions, her true nature and the environment all around me. She was living within a lifestyle that in many ways was keeping her numb and blinded to the magic that exists all around us and can be seen once we have the space to feel and connect.

This path of disconnection led her to find practices which enabled her to begin the journey of coming home to her body and Mother Earth and so she found yoga and other movement and breath work based practices. She also began a journey of learning all about nutrition, how food is grown and herbal medicine as she began to see clearly the relationship between what we put into our bodies affecting how we feel and the importance of having a relationship with the earth for our well being.

She has trained in Hatha, Sivananda and Yin yoga, along the way finding her  own style with the practices she shares and where she draws her inspiration from, which is predominantly from the cyclical rhythms of nature, our own inner nature and the ancient rhythms we too experience. She have also spent a lot of time working on organic farms along with completing a Permaculture course in 2019 and she am coming to the end of a three year long Herbal Medicine training in June 2021, all of these again furthering my exploration of the different ways there are to connect in with the earth and people.

Seeking new ways of getting to know our true nature, deeply listening and becoming harmonious and in tune with the land and the waters that surround us, creating a relationship with them and treating them as kin, something we protect, respect and listen to is what life is all about for her.

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