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Karol Liver

Karol Liver (MSc in Social Studies, B.A. in Arts) is a plant medicine researcher, art curator and educator, with over fifteen years of combined experience in teaching, lecturing and personal development-oriented work. His academic research investigated the sociopsychological constructs and cultural pressures influencing the movement of people throughout history. He holds a diploma in Photography and has been actively involved in artistic and curatorial activities since 2006. Karol propagates a holistic, bio-spiritual model for personal health – where spiritual exploration is accompanied by mental self-care, bodywork and emotional awareness. He is also a practitioner of Tsa Lung, a Tibetan breathing and movement practice.

Karol’s current research and personal development focus mainly on the indigenous medicinal practices and healing traditions using plant entheogens for a better understanding of their therapeutic, practical and universal application. He has been learning from the indigenous tribes in Peru and Ecuador since 2012. In 2016-2017 he moved to the Ucayali region of the Amazon Basin and studied from Maestra Curandera Juana Silvano Teco of Shipibo lineage. During his extended stay with Juana, he underwent numerous plant samás (integration processes with medicinal plants) and expanded his understanding of the Shipibo’s profound connection to nature, alongside their cultural, artistic and linguistic heritage. He explores this field of ancient wisdom continuously.

In 2015 he launched Pangean Path, a research hub that aims to provoke mature education on the health and safety aspects of plant-based therapeutic work and promote personal and spiritual development in alignment with nature. Pangean hosts expeditions to nature in Ireland and Iceland and facilitates monthly integration circles for entheogenic experiences in Dublin.

MSc Social Studies, University of Wroclaw, Poland
B.A. Arts, Photography, WSF AFA Wroclaw, Poland
Diploma in Astrobiology at Harvard Online
Diploma Psychotropic Plants Centre of Excellence
10 years of personal experience with entheogens
10 years of personal research on cultural and therapeutic adherence of entheogens
Founder of Pangean Path | Educational Hub (2015)

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