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Aoife Howe

Aoife has a strong connection to the land and ancestors of Ireland. She has lived close to the land for some years. Her roots are in Celtic spirituality, and she is currently training in a medicine lineage that is of Navajo, Native American tradition. She has also been trained and practices with Reiki and energy as a tool for healing.

Aoife caters for our retreats. She believes in providing conscious, nourishing whole foods to our participants.

Events with Aoife Howe

September 2019 InwardBound Retreat
September 20, 2019

5-Day Psychedelic Retreat Our September 2019 retreat takes place in the heart of the Veluwe national park in the Netherlands. The retreat centre consists of 3 houses and has a hot tub, a pond for swimming and lovely walks in the surrounding forest. The autumn retreat will take full advantage of the remaining good weather with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and eco-therapy. The gathering will be energising, joyful and will provide the perfect container for a healing and nourishing group journey. During the 5-day retreat we will have 2 sessions with psilocybin truffles, complemented by a range of activities and…

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