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Connection Retreats in Ireland

We provide legal connection retreats in Ireland with a 3 day weekend retreat as the focal point. Our goal is to help people to re-connect to themselves, the each other, and to the natural world, using a range of modalities and

Please note that  our connection retreats in Ireland are not psychedelic retreats, no illegal substances are be consumed over the course of these retreats (if this what you you are looking for see our 5 day psychedelic retreats in the Netherlands) 


Can I Participate?

Our connection retreat programmes may suit if you are looking to :

[fa icon=”fa-check”] Deepen your connection with yourself, with others and with the natural world.


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What to Expect

Stage 1: Pre-screening

The Call

Once your application is submitted, our screening process begins. Each successful application will receive an hour consultation with a psychotherapist to ensure our retreats are mutually suitable and to answer any of your questions. Our retreats are not suitable for people who have had a mental health diagnosis (such as psychosis, schizophrenia, bi-polar, clinical depression or personality disorders, suicidality), cannot cease any psychiatric medication (ie SSRIS), or are dealing with serious addiction or substance abuse issues.

Stage 2: Pre-departure

Intention – The Quest

Our pre-departure process allows us to communicate with all our participants, to answer any questions. We set an individual and collective intention and prepare for our journey. What is it that you intend to heal, how do you want to grow?

Stage 3: The Psychedelic Retreat weekend

The Vision

Our experience retreats take place over five days at one of our beautiful retreat centres in the Netherlands. Participants are asked to make their own way to Amsterdam by 17:00 on the first evening of the retreat. From there we arrange transport to our retreat centre.

On the first evening of grounding and preparation, we set an individual and collective intention. What is it you intend to let go of, what do you intend to heal, how do you want to grow?

Our psychedelic sessions take place the afternoons of the second and third day, and are followed by two powerful days of integration using different therapeutic modalities from Art therapy to yoga. Our programmes are based on the pioneering work of Dr Stan Grof.

The retreat ends on the evening of the fifth day.

Stage 4: Post-Integration

The Return: Embodying the Vision

Immediately after your retreat, we provide a one-on-one integrative consultation session to help you embody and integrate your experience.

A few weeks after your retreat, we will organise an online video conference for sharing, support, integration, and grounding. What have you learnt? How do you embody what you have learnt into your everyday life?

Why InwardBound?

  • At InwardBound, our interdisciplinary team of psychotherapists, PhD scientists and holistic therapists believes in weaving together the threads of science and spirituality, knowing that the two ways are one. We work in the broad tradition of Dr Stan Grof – creating a safe container for people to access the wisdom of their own inner healer.
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