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  • €3,299.00 – €3,299 per person
  • €2,799.00 – 2,799 per person sharing a room as a couple

Date & Time Details: Wednesday 25th - Friday 27th September 2024

Location: Castricum, Netherlands

Contact: Inwardbound Team
[email protected]

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Inwardbound Psilocybin Self Experience Retreat for Therapists & Mental Health Professionals: Netherlands Sept 2024 (3 days)

With Rob Ó Cobhthaigh, Dr. Darragh Stewart Phd and Renee Hendriks

September 25 - 27, 2024

3-Day Psychedelic Retreat for Therapists & Mental Health Professionals

We have created a bespoke psychedelic assisted therapy retreat for therapists and mental health professionals to put the theory of using psilocybin for healing into practice in a safe and legal environment.

As mental health professionals, you dedicate your lives to supporting others on their healing journeys. We invite you to step away from your busy lives for 3 days of retreat designed specifically for you. To prioritize your own self-care, immerse yourself in a nurturing and supportive environment where you can recharge, rejuvenate, and rediscover the joy of being fully alive. You will also get to connect with other mental health professionals and will have the opportunity to share ideas. To  learn about the healing power of psilocybin for yourself and your clients.

Here’s what our retreat programme has in store for you:

  • Preparation Sessions: Prepare yourself for the transformative journey ahead with guided preparation sessions led by psychotherapist and experienced facilitators. Explore intention setting, safety protocols, and self-care practices. You will also have a 1:1 consultation with a psychotherapist to assist you in preparing for the experience ahead.
  • Full access for 1 year to our online Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Education programme. Our mission is to educate people on the safe use of psychedelics in a therapeutic setting, combining cutting edge science and psychotherapy with the ancestral wisdom of Ireland. See link for more information: Online ‘Introduction to Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy’ Education Programme (
  • 1 Psilocybin Ceremony: Experience the profound healing potential of psilocybin in a safe and supportive ceremonial setting. Guided by experienced facilitators, you’ll embark on a journey of inner exploration, gaining insights, and perspectives that can enhance your understanding of mental health and healing.
  • Integration Sessions: Process and integrate your psilocybin experience with guided integration sessions and 1:1 consultation designed to help you make sense of your insights and integrate them into your daily life.
  • Yoga & Meditation: Reconnect with your body, mind, and spirit through daily yoga practices. Cultivate strength, flexibility, and inner peace as you move through gentle flows, grounding poses, and mindful meditation, fostering a deeper connection with yourself and the present moment.
  • Breathwork: Tap into the transformative power of your breath with breathwork sessions designed to release tension stored in the body, unlock stagnant energy, and cultivate a sense of balance and vitality.
  • Shamanic Rituals: Connect with the wisdom of ancient traditions and embark on shamanic journeys guided by experienced practitioners. Dive deep into the realm of the unseen, receive guidance from spirit allies, and experience profound healing and transformation on a soul level.
  • Time in nature and to relax: Enjoy walks in the national park woodlands surrounding the retreat center and unwind in the sauna or around the fire pit in the evening.
  • Community Support: Join a community of like-minded professionals who share your passion for mental health and holistic healing. Forge meaningful connections, share insights and experiences, and offer mutual support and encouragement as you journey together towards greater well-being and fulfilment.

Join us for a holistic journey of self-discovery, renewal, and healing, where you’ll have the opportunity to deepen your personal learnings, replenish your energy, and reconnect with your inner wisdom.

Our retreat takes place in a beautiful venue situated 45 minutes north of Amsterdam. The authentic 19th-century Dutch abbey accommodation provides the perfect setting for your retreat.  A private room for every participant and the ample common areas provide a place for you to relax, journal and maximise your stay with us. The peaceful location of the retreat centre means there is plenty of opportunity for reflection and walks in nature. The chapel is available for private reflection and meditation.

Our retreat will be intimate, group-oriented and will faithfully contain the healing process. During the retreat, we will have 1 session with psilocybin truffles, complemented by a range of activities designed to maximise your experience and affect lasting change in your life.

Please note: To apply for a retreat, please email [email protected]. We will arrange an exploration call with you where we can answer any questions you may have. If you feel a retreat would benefit you, you can then submit a full screening form and deposit to hold your place. A consultation call with a Psychotherapist will then be arranged to assure full suitability for our retreat.

What’s Included?

  • Pre-departure:
    • 1:1 Exploration call to answer any questions you may have
    • 1:1 Preparative Consultation Call with a Psychotherapist.
    • Free Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Course worth €
    • Group Preparation and Information Call
    • Inwardbound Preparation Programme Workbook
  • The Retreat:
    • 3x Day retreat in a beautiful location in the Netherlands.
    • 1x Sessions with Psilocybin Truffles (medium- high dose)
    • 2x Nights private accommodation or shared if requested for couples/friends
    • Private transfer to/from the retreat centre from Amsterdam
    • Small groups: 8-13 participants maximum
    • Personal care: 1 Psychotherapist, 1-3 full-time facilitators to maximise individual care and attention
    • All meals: vegetarian & vegan options, organic and local (where possible)
    • Bodywork programme of yoga & qi gong
    • Workshops in breathing techniques (e.g. pranayama, Wim Hof)
    • Group intention setting, sharing and integration circles
    • Embodiment movement
    • Art therapy and mandala work
    • Ecotherapy and nature walks
    • Individual consultations with the Psychotherapist
  •  Integration:
    • 1:1 Integrative Consultation Call with a Psychotherapist
    • Group Integration Call
    • Follow-up options and referrals
    • Integration workbooks and materials

Key Dates

  • Online Information Call: 2-4 weeks before the retreat
  • Retreat (Netherlands): Wednesday 25th – Friday 27th September 2024
  • Online Group Integration Call: 2 weeks after the retreat


 Travel To/From the Netherlands

  • Meeting point: Near Amsterdam central train station on Wednesday 23rd September 2024 at 11.00
  • We provide transfers from Amsterdam to the retreat centre. If you have your own transportation, please let us know.
  • Dropoff point: Near Amsterdam central train station or airport around 15:00 on Friday 27th September 2024.


Consultations and the group calls are online using Google Meets.

About the Venue

  • Sauna and plunge pool
  • Fire pit
  • Woodburning stove
  • Underfloor heating
  • Free Wifi

Booking Conditions

    • Deposit of €1000 is required to secure your place.
    • The programme fee does not include flights or other transport to the Netherlands.
    • For legal reasons, the cost of the truffles is not included. We will arrange for you to buy the truffles from a third party (allow €50).
    • Prices inclusive of VAT @ 21%
    • If you do not qualify for the retreat programme after a consultation with our psychotherapist, we will return your deposit minus a consultation and admin fee of 200 euro.
    • In the event of a cancellation due to Dutch government coronavirus regulations, we will transfer your booking to the next available retreat dates (ie we will not be offering refunds). Current Dutch government advice can be seen here
    • Read full Terms & Conditions.
    • Our coronavirus protocols can be found under the FAQ section of our website

      Refund, change of date and Cancellation Policy: 

      • The retreat is 100% refundable for a cancellation 60+ days before the retreat start date minus €200 consultation & admin fee.
      • The event is 50% refundable if cancelled 30-59 days before the start date.
      • The retreat is non-refundable if cancelled 0-29 days before the retreat start date.
    • To move your booking to another retreat: 
      • 50+ days before the original retreat start date, this will be free of charge.
      • 20-49 days before the original retreat start date, there is a 30% charge
      • 10-20days before the original retreat start date, there is a 40% charge
      • 0-10 days before the original retreat start date, there is a 50% charge


Why InwardBound?

  • At InwardBound, our interdisciplinary team of psychotherapists, PhD scientists and holistic therapists believe in weaving together the threads of science and spirituality, knowing that the two ways are one. We work in the broad tradition of Dr Stan Grof – creating a safe container for people to access the wisdom of their own inner healer.
  • We come from a long tradition of psilocybin use in Ireland. Our Celtic ancestors used the wild mushrooms of Northern Europe (Psilocybe Semilanceata) and worked with the patterns of nature for healing and spiritual growth and we continue that land-based ancestral tradition to create a modern context for psilocybin ceremony and reconnection with nature.
  • We hold small groups with 3-4 facilitators, 8- 13 participants. This low ratio allows us to provide the highest possible standard of care for our participants.
  • We have worked with over 800 clients in this space since 2018.


Please visit the InwardBound website or contact us.


Rob Ó Cobhthaigh
Inwardbound Co-Founder Rob  (MSc/ BA Hons) is the co-founder of Inwardbound. He has a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Integrative Psychotherapy (Level 9) from Dublin City University, is an accredited psychotherapist, and is a professional member of MIND- the European Foundation for Psychedelic Science and the Institute of Psychedelic Therapy (UK). He is also a qualified transpersonal therapist, and has completed an 8 year training as a Transpersonal therapist at the Irish Centre for Shamanic and Transpersonal Studies (Dunderry Park), in the tradition of Dr. Stan Grof. He is currently enrolled on the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) Certificate…
Learn more about Rob Ó Cobhthaigh
Dr. Darragh Stewart Phd
Inwardbound Co-Founder/ Scientific Lead Facilitator. Dr Darragh Stewart (Phd) is the co-founder of Inwardbound. In his early twenties, Darragh reached a turning point in his life. Due to the death of his grandmother, the ending of a long-term relationship, and the immense pressure of his University studies, he had a mental breakdown. He suffered from bouts of depression, anxiety, and general dissatisfaction with how he was living his life. These problems sent him on a quest to find inner healing, truth, and a new way of being in the world. During the rest of his twenties, he had a life-changing…
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Renee Hendriks
Ever since a young age Renée became aware of the energy that exists in and around us. Dealing with depression and family trauma since puberty inspired her even more to go within and explore her innerworld.  In 2015 she had a life changing experience during her first Ayahuasca Ceremony. From that moment she established a deep connection with plant medicine and she has been attending and co-facilitating many different sacred medicine ceremonies since then. Assisting others in their journey inwards is something she loves to do most. By being fully present with her open heart and grounded personality, she creates a safe and…
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