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  • €4,000.00 – Private 4-day Retreat Programme (4 Participants, price per person)
  • €5,000.00 – Private 4-day Retreat Programme (3 Participants, price per person)
  • €6,000.00 – Private 4-day Retreat Programme (2 Participants, price per person)
  • €7,500.00 – Private 4-day Retreat Programme (Single Participant)

Date & Time Details: Our next available slots are: 2023 January 10th-March 10th 2023

Location: Costa Rica

Address: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Rob Coffey
[email protected]
+353 1 687 7030

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InwardBound Private Psychedelic Retreat Programme – Costa Rica

With Rob Ó Cobhthaigh and Dr. Darragh Stewart

Open Dates

From January 2023, Inwardbound has been running our flagship psilocybin retreats at a beautiful tropical location in Costa Rica. Since 2018, Inwardbound has been world pioneers in psilocybin retreats, with hundreds of clients have come through our psychedelic retreat programmes in the Netherlands.

From January to March 2023 we have a limited number of private retreats available in Costa Rica with our Inwardbound psychedelic facilitation team. The Inwardbound team have spoken at psychedelic therapy conferences about their pioneering work, and are world leaders in the field of psychedelic therapy.

Our Inwardbound Costa Rica programme is supervised by trained psychotherapists and has a pre-screening and integration process supported by our team of facilitators.

Our private retreats are suitable for a single participant or for small groups of 1-4 participants that already know each other.

At InwardBound, our interdisciplinary team of psychotherapists, PhD scientists and holistic therapists believe in weaving together the threads of science and spirituality, knowing that the two ways are one. We work in the broad tradition of Dr Stan Grof – creating a safe container for people to access the wisdom of their own inner healer.

We can arrange suitable dates for you or your group to join two InwardBound facilitators in our retreat centre in Costa Rica. Our current availability is from 10th  January – 10th March 2023.

Our Costa Rica retreats dates are 4 days, including the 2 days of travel. If you would like a longer stay, we recommend adding an extra day, to make your retreat 5 days in total.


This includes:

  • Pre-departure:
    • Full screening
    • 1x interview call
    • 1x preparative consultation with a psychotherapist
    • 4x days in a beautiful location in Costa Rica.
    • 2x session with Psilocybin Mushrooms (stepped dose)
    • 3x overnight accommodation in private rooms
    • 2x full-time facilitators
    • Private transfer from Liberia airport to/from the retreat centre
    • All meals: vegetarian, organic and local (where possible)
    • Bodywork with yoga and/or qi gong
    • Workshops in breathing techniques (e.g. pranayama, Wim Hof)
    • Art therapy and mandala work
    • Ecotherapy and nature walksThe Retreat: Depending on the participant, we may also offer:
      • Massage therapy
      • Transpersonal therapy
      • Essential oils
  •  Integration:
    • 1x integrative consultation with our psychotherapist
    • Follow-up options and referrals
    • Integration workbook
    • Lifetime access to community


Truly get away from it all in with an authentic Costa Rica experience, while staying in this gorgeous and roomy vacation villa. Our 4,000 square foot villa is located in a rural Guanacaste town, near restaurants on unpaved roads and basic grocery stores. Near world-class beaches, legendary surf breaks, and vast jungles; you will find yourself feeling totally immersed in an extraordinary paradise. A safe location in a gated community, you are a two minute walk with neighborhood beach access to the popular Playa Negra beach.

We want your stay to be comfortable and unforgettable while exceeding your expectations. If you aren’t down for a digital detox, we offer fast internet. We also have three satellite televisions, swimming pool w/ water feature, washer dryer, and an open main kitchen (with another full-service kitchen). Lofty 18′ ceilings in our expansive space gives you and your guests room to move around throughout our three large living rooms with ease. There are six large bedrooms and five full baths. To stay cool we have air conditioning in all rooms in addition to ceiling fans.

Our retreat venue is located about an hours drive from Liberia airport. We are a 5 hour drive from San Juan airport, so for ease of logistics we highly recommend flying to Liberia, which is regularly serviced with flights from San Jose and direct from the US.

Our beach location will give you a tropical summer getaway in the middle of the northern hemisphere winter (January – March 2022)

Booking Conditions

  • If you do not qualify for the retreat programme, we will return your deposit.
  • Read full Terms & Conditions.


Our pricing is based on a sliding scale depending on the number of participants.  We can cater for groups of up to 4 people who already know each other. 

Retreats with 1-3 participants are based on each participant having a private room.

For a 4 person retreats, two people have a private room and 2 people share a room.


Please visit the InwardBound website ( www.inwardbound.nl) or contact us.


Group retreat

If the private retreat is not an option we recommend checking out our group retreat options on our website www.inwardbound.nl




Rob Ó Cobhthaigh
Inwardbound Co-Founder Rob  (MSc/ BA Hons) is the co-founder of Inwardbound. He has a Graduate Diploma in Counselling and Integrative Psychotherapy (Level 9) from Dublin City University, is an accredited psychotherapist, and is a professional member of MIND- the European Foundation for Psychedelic Science. He is also a qualified Shamanic Counsellor in Celtic Shamanism, and has completed an 8 year training as a Transpersonal Therapist at the Irish Centre for Shamanic and Transpersonal Studies,  in the tradition of Dr. Stan Grof. He believes that only way to create change in the world is through inner psychological work, and his work…
Learn more about Rob Ó Cobhthaigh
Dr. Darragh Stewart
Inwardbound Co-Founder/ Scientific Lead Facilitator. Dr Darragh Stewart (Phd) is the co-founder of Inwardbound. In his early-twenties, Darragh reached a turning point in his life. Due to the death of his grandmother, the ending of a long-term relationship, and the immense pressure of his University studies, he had a mental breakdown. He suffered from bouts of depression, anxiety, and a general dissatisfaction with how he was living his life. These problems sent him on a quest to find inner healing, truth, and a new way of being in the world. During the rest of his twenties, he had a life-changing…
Learn more about Dr. Darragh Stewart

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